Boogie Woogie: Rhythm Section
Reuten Gallery Amsterdam
video-projection: dividing line
video: Boogie Woogie (interview Wies van Moorsel)

Boogie Woogie: Rhythm Section
Karin Wimmer Gallery, Munich,
video-projection: shifting laundry
video: Boogie Woogie (interview Wies van Moorsel)

İstanbul Art Fair TÜYA 4-12 November
Utopia Rhythm Section
video: Steam Dreams

Summershow Nieuw Dakota gallery Amsterdam
video-projection: Global Tears

Zomer-Expo theme water
video-projection: creating disturbance

Auftakt: Rhythm Section
Schafhof – Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern
video shown: untitled
video-projection: shifting laundry, creating disturbance

Boogie Woogie: Rhythm Section
Reuten gallery Amsterdam
video projection: shifting laundry, creating disturbance

Visions in the Nunnery
Bow Arts Nunnery Gallery London
video shown: Domestic Violence

Group exhibition Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section
Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam
video shown: Domestic Violence / Installation: Shifting Laundry
registration exhibition

group exhibition rhythm section
4th Odessa Biennale Museum of Odessa Modern Art
video shown: Up & Down

Group exhibition Summer Show Amsterdam-Noord
Nieuw Dakota Gallery
Francis Boeske Projects
video shown: Domestic Violence

exhibition Rhythm Section
video shown:Dazzle registration of exhibition by artist Henriëtte van ‘t Hoog en Michael Wright.

Group exhibition Art Tarts “Consume and Resume”
at the Hill Station, South East London
video shown: Dutch Bite

Candid Projection Room, London, UK
video shown: Piccolola, Just a moment please, Hot Feet and Wenteling

Sartorial, Contemporary Art Gallery, London,
video installation Me & Myself

Déjà vu exhibition at Cor Blimey Art studios
video installation Me & Myself
Whitechapel gallery screening night, video shown crying

Life Cycles in the crypt of the ST. Pancras Parish Church London.
Organised by Bash Creations
videos shown Wegstreven, Sustain

Deptford X APT Gallery, London
Group exhibition
videos shown Vibrato, Integrate, Untitled

Enchanted Garden project Mc Dermott Grove Park Peckham.
Group exhibition
videos Two untitled pieces, Sustain
Installation with an ongoing loop.
Two sound installations

Supermedium gallery Den Hague Netherlands
Videotastic Exhibition #08
Group exhibition
Several pieces shown.

Darklight filmfestival Dublin
Video shown Vibrato, Wegsterven
Vibrato nominated in Nokia’s short films competition,

Short Wave festival London
video shown Wenteling

Film forum organised by 7Arts Stratford London
videos shown Vibrato, Wegsterven, Integrate

Short digital film festival Den Haag
videos shown Vibrato and Wenteling

Correlation curated by Caroline Brown in the Old Seager Distillery Deptford Bridge London.
video shown Inside Out.

One-minute festival organized by the Sandberg Institute, exhibit in Monte Video gallery Amsterdam, shown on Salto TV channel
video shown Sustain

Nieuwe Vide gallery and Dutch filmfestival, Utrecht.
video’s shown Untitled and Donald

Break film produced for TV channel AT5 in Amsterdam
Nieuwe meer
Crossfire Gallery, group exhibition, Amsterdam.
Compilation of various video works.

Exhibition with Monika Wheeler and Louise Kosinky in Szymbark (Poland), installation pieces.
Break film produced for TV channel AT5 in Amsterdam.
Vondelpark, autumn version shown on the TV channel AT 5

Tracks, Crossfire Gallery, Amsterdam.
videos shown, Self-portrait, Broken heart and Meteorite, shown at a group exhibition.
Break film produced for TV channel AT5 in Amsterdam
Vondelpark summer version, shown on the TV channel AT 5.

Dans rondom Emma, Amsterdam Zuid
Verdraaid installation.

Graal video café Groningen video Wenteling
Soros centar za savremenu umjetnost Sarajevo video Wenteling

Impact festival in Utrecht
video shown Wenteling.